David Nugent

Open Source Web Developer - Travel Industry Specialist


A open source web developer specialising in the travel industry.

Part 1 - The Dark Years

The first 4 years of my career were spent working in accounting and stock control software, in C. These were not great times - as the industry is..dull. The internet had not yet been invented. These years were followed by a "I'm not a number, get me out of here" year off in Asia.

Part 2 - The Contracting Years

More or less five years contracting in the direct marketing industry, dealing with databases of the entire UK population squeezed on to 1Gb discs - every bit still counted. Still using C. Getting slightly sick of null pointers.

Part 3 - Post Y2K and The Bubble

Returned from a few months Down Under after the "Y2K Myth" to find the contract market had itself contracted to one job in a chip shop. Time to go Perm. Luckily this coincided with the dot-com bubble and the rise of New Media. Cue a nice job in funky dot-com www.moonfruit.com in Soho square. Goodbye C - hello PERL. What a relief. But the bubble burst eighteen months later - back to square one.

Part 4 - The Travel Industry Years - 2002/3

A badly paid, four week contract at ebookers.com quickly turned into a permanent position managing website PERL development. Fun times, good people.

Part 5 - Going it Alone 2003-9

Five years with a business partner developing and running our own hotel and car booking company www.midashotels.com. Built from scratch - no more shonky code from third rate developers to deal with. Happy days. But the competition got big and nasty and we were too nice. We got trodden on.

Part 6 - .Net and PERL - what the??? 2009-present

Working for www.hospitalityline.co.uk and www.discount-london.com- websites are in .Net (I have someone to do that nasty business for me) but I code in C# winforms or PERL for webpages, building operations tools, extranets, venue audits etc...