Ticket alert and booking service

gigsniffer - gig and concert tickets

Ticket Alert

www.gigsniffer.com is a ticket alert and price comparison site for 6 major ticket agencies - ticketmaster.co.uk, seetickets.com, ticketweb.co.uk, gigantic.com, stargreen.com and wegottickets.com

It continously checks all these websites and notices when new gig tickets go on sale. The gigs are then presented incrementally on one uncomplicated screen - every time the user refreshes the page, the new gigs will appear.

Price Comparison

Gigsniffer is also a price comparison engine - it simulates the first part of the booking process for each ticket to get a real ticket price - not just a face value, including mandatory postage fees. The results are given in a simple list uder each gig, showing which agencies are selling the tickets, the face value, booking fee per ticket and service/postage fees.

Social Networking

Users can sign up to gigsniffer and make friends. Once a ticket is booked it goes into their own diary, and also other friend's diaries if they bought tickets for them too.